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Our club takes pride in providing precise information about baseball and softball matches, their schedules and other details that are being held in Melbourne Ballpark.

If you have a love for baseball and want to take part in and know all about the upcoming baseball matches in Melbourne, Victoria, you should come join our club. As one of the leading baseball clubs in Melbourne, you can learn everything about the Melbourne Ballpark. This ballpark is one of the most prestigious and renowned arenas located in Altona, Victoria and is famous all over Australia for its historic baseball matches. Some of the leading events organised in this stadium are ABL Championship Series, ABL All-Star Game, Softball Championship Series, etc.

This place has witnessed the victory of various teams, such as Melbourne Aces, Adelaide Giants, Perth Heat, Auckland Tuatara, and many more. Our club focuses on imparting accurate information about the upcoming baseball matches so that you can book tickets and watch your favourite match live in the stadium. We have a team of volunteers who are always ready to assist you with your queries. If you want to know anything about the upcoming events or matches, feel free to contact our customer care executive.

Australian Baseball League Teams
Melbourne Aces
Adelaide Giants
Brisbane Bandits
Canberra Cavalry
South Australia
Field Size
MLeft Field - 300 feet (91 m)
Left-Center - 345 feet (105 m)
Center Field - 370 feet (113 m)
Right-Center - 345 feet (105 m)
Right Field - 300 feet (91 m)
Surface Type
Synthetic Infield
Grass Outfield

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Our club takes immense pride in providing opportunities for enjoyments by helping you arrange tickets for your favourite matches in Melbourne Ballpark Stadium. Our mission is to take our club to the new heights of success by meeting the specific requirements of our members and people who are passionate about Baseball. We can nurture and challenge members to reach their full potential and fulfil their targeted goals.
Being one of the leading clubs in Melbourne, we are committed to improve our in-house facilities and help you learn everything about the baseball and softball. To support your goals, we also organise live matches so that you can polish your skills and become a more competitive player. If you are interested in our club, feel free to join us and leverage the unlimited benefits as a member.

We always strive to provide the latest and most exciting news and events for the baseball and softball fans in Melbourne. Our energetic and knowledgeable volunteers would go the extra mile to ensure that you get everything that you expect and deserve to get as a member of the club. We want to extend ourselves to many other major cities and cover all the news and vital information about different teams and players associated with such games. We have confidence that in the coming years, we will become one of the most prestigious names in this sport, not only in this city but in the entire country. To know more contact us.

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About the History of Baseball in Victoria

Baseball was first introduced to Australia by American gold miners on the gold fields of Ballarat in the 1850s.

Baseball has a rich history in Australia. In 1857, Americans played first baseball game in Australia at Exhibition Gardens in Melbourne, Victoria. This has encouraged sports enthusiasts in Melbourne to learn more about this sport. In 1879, St Kilda Baseball Club founded with the sole aim to play Georgia Minstrels tour of Melbourne. The sport gained notoriety in Australia when American sporting entrepreneur, Albert G. Spalding organised a baseball tour of Australia in 1888. The first championship held in 1889 between Victoria and South Australia at East Melbourne Cricket Ground. In the next year, The Victorian Baseball League (VBL) was established by Harry Rickards, J.C Williamson, Harry Musgrove, Major Ben Wardill and J.S Milfornd. J.C Williamson was the first President of this League.

At that time, Melbourne, Geelong, Kew, M.C.C, Carlton, Freguson and Mitchell teams were participated in the inaugural season. With the increasing popularity of this game, The Victorian Baseball Union, The Victorian Baseball Council and the Victorian Baseball Association was established in the early 1900s. Thereafter, the Victorian Provincial Baseball League was inaugurated in 1938 to serve, promote and support the regionally based associations in Victoria. In 1987, Crown Land on Merton Street in Atona Meadows was selected as the new State Baseball Softball Centre. The construction was completed in two years, costing $3.9 Million. The Australian Baseball League replaces the Claxton Shield as Premier National Baseball Competition in Australia. Melbourne Monarchs represented the Victoria in the competition and won 2 games as well. Baseball has its own space and value in Victoria and other states of Australia.

Our club focuses on promoting and supporting the love for this sport across Victoria by imparting valuable information about the upcoming events and matches.

The Melbourne Ballpark is home to Baseball and Softball in Victoria, Australia. It was established back in January 1990 by the State Government. This premier baseball stadium is located in Altona which is just 15 minutes away from the Melbourne CBD.
It has a capacity of approx 5,000 people. After renovation, seats along the base lines have replaced with standing room area. This has reduced the capacity of the venue. Still, it is one of the largest baseball and softball stadiums in Australia.
The stadium was renovated in 2012 with the arrival of the Melbourne Aces Team to the venue. Some of the major developments are a new infield surface with synthetic grass, a new video screen, the outfield turf, new corporate boxes, new-age sound system and much more.
Top-Class Facilities
A main grandstand has around 2,200 seats with approx 1/3 of them are under cover. The stadium also has TV standard lighting and spacious on-site parking for spectators. There is also landscaping entrance, fully-featured changing rooms, etc. Future improvements will introduce new batting cage down each foul ball line.

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You can also become prestigious member of our club if you follow the same passion and devotion. Our existing club members have also played some of the local matches and watched live matches from the stadium. Have a look at some of our popular members of Melbourne Ball Park Club.

ABL Championships
The Australian Baseball League is a professional baseball league founded in 2009. It is governed by the Australian Baseball Federation and has total 8 teams.
A Home to Melbourne Aces
The Melbourne Ballpark is a home to Melbourne Aces Baseball Team. They played their first match in 2012 after the stadium’s renovation.
Hosted Various Events
The stadium has hosted various renowned events and baseball matches since its inspection. It is one of the best stadiums in Australia when it comes to playing baseball and softball.
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What is Summer League?

Baseball Victoria launched the ‘Summer League’ brand in 2019 for the VBA competition and Australian Touring Teams for the Under 12 and Under 14 age groups.

What is Australian Baseball League?

The Australian Baseball League is launched with the sole aim to serve and support the game. It features six teams from Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

When Did Melbourne Aces Team Launch?

The Melbourne Aces is officially launched in 2009. It is a professional baseball team in ABL based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Melbourne Ballpark is their home field. They won 2 ABL championships and 2 minor championships till now.

Who Won ABL championship in 2020?

The Australian Baseball League (ABL) is a professional baseball league in Australia governed by Australian Baseball Federation. The event takes place every year from November to February. The Melbourne Aces won this championship in 2020.

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